FRH Group Pty Ltd

FRH GROUP PTY LTD MOORABOOL BRIDGE STAGE 2 BYPASS CFMEU CLAIM FOR TOWERS ALLOWANCE This matter was brought to the Panel by the Union (CFMEU) who were seeking that a “towers allowance” apply to particular works being performed on the above project. The Union claimed that… Read More


BECTON PROJECT BREDGESTREET,KEYSBOROUGH CFMEU RE: CLAIM FOR SITE ALLOWANCE DECISION 110-2007 This matter relates to a claim by the Union (CFMEU) for the application of a site allowance to apply to works currently under way and work proposed to commence thereafter. A… Read More

Egans Plant Hire

EGANS PLANT HIRE (EASTLINK) CFMEU WORK ON RDO- 15/10/2007 The Panel was notified by the CFMEU of a dispute on 11 October 2007 involving Egans Plant Hire and the Union arising out of the application of clause 35.5.4 of their Agreement. The Company communicated with… Read More

Ealwin Pty Ltd

EALWIN PTY LTD (EASTLINK) CFMEU WORKING ON RDO- 15/10/2007 On 10 October 2007 the Panel was notified by the CFMEU of a dispute concerning Ealwin Pty Ltd intention to work on the agreed rostered day off- 15 October, 2007. Following this notification the Panel advised… Read More

Egan Plant Hire

EGAN PLANT HIRE, CFMEU,  Work on RDO On Friday 14 September 2007 at around 1:30 pm the Panel was notified of a dispute by the CFMEU regarding the application of Clause 34 (Rostered Day Off) of the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement-Egan Plant Hire and the Union. The… Read More

J A Dodds Ltd

lNG WATERFRONT CITY J A DODDS LTD EXAR (VIC) CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTD FRESHMORE (VIC) PTY LTD FORM700  CFMEU CFMEU (FEDFA) CLAIM FOR SITE ALLOWANCE This matter was previously before me on 3 July 2007 at which time MBA V representing the employers… Read More

A G Coombs

A G COOMBS (C G A BRYSON SITE) WELLINGTON ROAD & NANTILLA ROAD, CLAYTON CEPU (PO) RE: INCLEMENT WEATHER PROVISIONS The Panel representatives met and conferred with Management and Employee representatives on 24 July 2007 for the purpose of addressing a disagreement relating to a period of… Read More

Schiavello Vic Pty Ltd

SCIHAVELLO VIC PTY LTD THE MELBOURNE TRUST BUILDING. (CNRRATBDOWNE & PELHAM) CFMEU(C&G) CFMEU (FEDFA) – CLAIM FOR SITE ALLOWANCE This matter relates to a disagreement as to the appropriate site allowance to be paid on the abovementioned project. In accordance with Appendix C of the Enterprise… Read More

J A Dpdd

EASTLINK RAIL UPGRADE HEATHERDALE RAILWAY STATION -AND ALL UNIONS CLAIM FOR SITE ALLOWANCE This matter was first notified by the Union on the  27 March 2007 and was followed by a site inspection by the Panel to the Heatherdale Section of the Project which took… Read More

Schiavello (Vic) Pty Ltd

SCHIA VELLO (VIC) PTY LTD CENTRAL PIER BARBOURESPLANADE,DOCKLANDS -and- CFMEU WORK ON SCHEDULED RDO TUESDAY, 22 MAY 2007 DECISION 052-2007 This matter relates to a notification by the MBA V on behalf of their member company (Schiavello) relating to an application to… Read More