About the Victorian Building Industry Disputes Panel

The VBIDP is an independent body established by the building and construction industry to provide dispute resolution in respect to industrial disputes and employment related issues arising in the industry in Victoria. The Disputes Panel’s powers are derived from applicable Enterprise Agreements. It is also governed by its Charter as determined from time to time by the Building Industry Consultative Council – a tripartite body established by the Victorian Government.

The forerunner of the VBIDP, the Victorian Building Industry Disputes Board, was established in 1984 as an independent body to assist in the resolution of industrial disputes on worksites in the Victorian commercial building and construction industry. Similar bodies had existed in one form or another in the industry, almost continuously, since 1956.

The VBIDP and its predecessors have served the parties in the industry as an independent conciliator and arbitrator of industrial disputes and employment related matters by providing immediacy in dealing with such disputes and flexibility in the provision of advice (both by telephone and in person).

The Disputes Panel will conduct site visits, inspections and conferences, conciliation and arbitration across a wide range of issues.

Matters dealt with by the Disputes Panel include for example:

  • underpayment of wages and entitlements
  • occupational health and safety issues
  • payments to industry funds
  • redundancy procedures
  • apprenticeships
  • sham contracting
  • cash in hand
  • non-compliance with disputes procedures
  • fares and travelling, site allowances, various allowances, demolition allowances
  • provision of amenities
  • tools reimbursement
  • retrenchments and termination of employment
  • rostered days off
  • visa non-compliance
  • breaches of Agreements
  • consultation requirements

The Disputes Panel’s Offices and Conference facility are located at Unit 1, 233 Cardigan Street. Carlton

VBIDP Members

Peter Parkinson


PH: (03) 9348 2613
Email: parkosp2@gmail.com

Tony Cordier

Panel Member

PH: 0448 870 225
Email: dboard@vbidb.org.au

Adrian Ziccone

Panel Member

PH: 0418 627 850
Email: aziccone@mbav.com.au

Brendan Pitt

Alternate Panel Member

PH: 0437989497
Email: bpitt28@outlook.com

Giovanni Abelardo

Alternate Panel Member

PH: 0407 530 462
Email: gabelardo@mbav.com.au

Linda Lot

Office Manager

PH: (03) 9348 2613
Email: dboard@vbidb.org.au