Dispute Notifications

Matters may be referred to the Disputes Panel by an employees’ Union, by an employee or their representative, the Employer or the Employer’s representative or agent.

Matters that can be referred to the Disputes Panel include any matter arising from an applicable Enterprise Agreement, in accordance with the Dispute Settling procedure of the Agreement.

Upon receipt of a dispute notification, we will endeavor to process your notification as soon as possible. The Disputes Panel will then convene either a Conference or Hearing with the parties and will issue findings, recommendations or binding Decisions.

If you prefer to fill out a dispute notification form by pdf or hand, you may download the form here and return it to via email to: dboard@vbidb.org.au


In the event that the matter has been resolved or withdrawn, the notifier should advise the Panel in writing at dboard@vbidb.org.au. Upon receipt of the written notification, the Panel will communicate what was included in the initial notification.


The VBIDP does not deal with contractual disputes about domestic building projects.

If you have a contractual dispute about domestic building project, you should contact the Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV).

For more information about this service please head to the Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria website www.dbdrv.vic.gov.au.