ADCO Constructions (Vic) Pty Ltd

ADCO CONSTRUCTIONS (VIC) PTY LTD -and- CFMEU RE: WORKING ON RDOs This matter relates to a Union notification to the Panel seeking a determination that the above contractor had not followed the EBA procedure with regard to the performance of work on a lockdown!RDO… Read More

A G Coombs

A G COOMBS,0 P INDUSTRIES,CASURGEP/L,CBS PLUMBING ROYAL MELBOURNE HOSPITAL GRATTAN STREET, CARLTON -and- CEPU(PD) RE: CLAIM FOR HEIGHT MONEY This dispute relates to a claim by the Union for the multi-storey allowance to apply to works being undertaken by their members on the… Read More

Garner & Wheeler Crane Hire P/L

GARNER & WHEELER CRANE HIRE P/l  -and- CFMEU/FEDFA RE: ALLEGED DISCREPANCY IN MAKE-UP PAY This matter was initially dealt with by way of a Conference with Panel members on 26 July, 2006 which was adjourned without resolution and on the basis that the applicant (the Union) reserved… Read More

Kane Constructions

MONASH MEDICAL CENTRE CENTRE ROAD, EAST BENTLEIGH -and- CFMEU OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY, OHS REPRESENTATIVE SUSPENDED At a hearing on August 15, 2006 notified by the CFMEU (the Union) it sought a finding by the Panel that, in accordance with Clause I 0-… Read More

Buxton Construction

ALFRED HOSPITAL CFMEU CEPU CLAIM FOR SITE ALLOWANCE In my decision (092-2006) which dealt with a site allowance dispute at the Hospital, Buxton Construction sought a further hearing to present argument as to their position in respect to this claim. A hearing took… Read More

Bovis Lend Lease

BOVIS LEND LEASE DOCKLANDS PROJECT CFMEU SITE APPLICATION OF JOINT DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT This matter requires the Chairman to determine a site allowance in accordance with Clauses 9 and 10 of Schedule 1 of the Site Allowance procedure outlined in the Bovis Lend Lease/CFMEU Joint… Read More

Walton Constructions & Others

WALTON CONSTRUCTION BUXTON CONSTRUCTION BAULDERSTON HORNIBROOK ALFRED HOSPITAL (OLD BUILDING) CFMEU CFMEU(P) CLAIM FOR SITE ALLOWANCE 092-2006 This matter has been the subject to two site visits including a hearing on site wherein I was able to review and understand… Read More

Construction Engineering Australia

LIFESTYLES PROJECT, SOUTH MELBOURNE ALL UNIONS OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY ISSUE, OHS (GAS LEAK) This dispute relates to an incident which occurred at 6:45 am on Saturday July 8, 2006 when a concrete pump operator smelt gas in close proximity to the project. Read More

Diverse Agricultural Services

ST. VINCENT’S HOSPITAL SITE ALLOWANCE CLAIM This matter relates to a claim by the Union for the payment of a Site Allowance for a range of works being undertaken by the Company at the St. Vincent’s Private Hospital Site. The Union stated that works are occurring… Read More

Construction Engineering & Structural Systems

SPOTLIGHT PROJECT SOUTH MELBOURNE CFMEU OCCUPTIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ISSUES OHS This Decision is to be read in conjunction with the preliminary view expressed in writing by the Panel on Thursday 21 June 2006- reference 078-2006 A further Hearing occurred on June 27 2006, which… Read More